About Us

When this picture was taken, just last year, we were dreaming of a flower farm. It is the happiest season in our family when the dahlias are in bloom and we had SO many bouquets. We simply wanted to share our happiness with our community. Well, that dream escalated quickly into reality and here we are! We are a close knit, Avon family of 25+ years. Bloom of Avon is our passion project allowing us to share the love with our community and spread the joy of having a custom, locally produced arrangement in your home. Bloom of Avon was established, this year, in 2021. We are beyond excited to inspire joy and beauty to our community and surrounding areas!

Laurel, Kim & Chelsea harvesting dahlias 2020

Kim is our plant whisperer, green thumb, garden encyclopedia and our inspiration for this beautiful farm. As a co-owner with husband, Scott, she is the heart and soul of Bloom. Kim is wildly talented in all things green and adores sharing her gift with us all!

Chelsea and Laurel are Scott & Kim’s daughters, both assist in all avenues of the farm. Chelsea enjoys creating specialty arrangements, photography, managing Bloom’s social media presence. Laurel enjoys harvesting blooms and creating gorgeous bouquets.

As a small business, we all wear all of the hats! We all enjoy various pieces of our small farm. Bloom is a passion project as we all truly find joy and inspiration in the beauty of the flower garden.