About Us

It was kind of a silly thought. We love flowers so much, we should just start a flower farm! It is the happiest season in our family when the dahlias are in bloom and we always have SO many bouquets. Well, that silliness quickly became a business plan, and in 2021, that business plan popped right off the paper and into our backyard! We simply wanted to share our happiness with our community. In our first season, we quickly saw that we are not alone in our love of beautiful blooms and making this community smile. Bloom of Avon is our passion project allowing us to share the love with our community and spread the joy of having a custom, locally produced blooms in your home.

We are a close knit, Avon family of 25+ years. We all work full-time jobs and enjoy playing board games and cooking as a family when we are not in the flower fields. We are a growing bunch, and have 3 munchkins running around the farm and growing even faster than the flowers do!

Laurel, Kim & Chelsea 2021

As a small business, we all wear all of the hats! We all enjoy various pieces of our small farm. Bloom is a
passion project as we all truly find joy and inspiration in the beauty of the flower garden.

Kim Plzak

Kim is our plant whisperer, green thumb, garden encyclopedia and our inspiration for this beautiful farm. As a co-owner with husband, Scott, she is the heart and soul of Bloom. Kim is wildly talented in all things green and adores sharing her gift with us all!

Chelsea Stockhaus

Chelsea uses her love for Microsoft Excel for the benefit of Bloom. She is a pro information organizer. Chelsea also has a love for all things beautiful, so arranging bouquets and photography are her main creative outlets. She also enjoys managing Bloom’s social media presence and website.